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A Complete Look at the All-On-5s Procedure



If you are considering All-On-5s dental implants, you should familiarize yourself with the treatment process and procedure. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of All-On-5s and how it can benefit patients. We also include information on AO5 Dental in Texas and Dr. Benjamin Johnson, who specializes in All-On-5s procedures. 

The All-On-5s dental implant procedure is a permanent solution to missing teeth that can be completed in one day. The surgery involves placing four to six titanium posts into your jawbone, which acts as anchors for artificial teeth (crowns). The crowns are attached to these posts via screws or abutments that firmly secure them. This type of implant is ideal for those who have experienced significant bone loss due to periodontal disease or other factors and cannot support traditional implants due to a lack of sufficient bone mass.   

The process begins with an initial consultation at AO5 Dental, where you will meet with Dr. Benjamin Johnson, who specializes in all on 5’s procedures. During this session, he will discuss your current oral health situation and develop a tailored plan for your needs. This includes x-rays, CT scans, impressions, models, and measurements taken from your mouth, along with the size and shape of your jawbone. With these details, Dr. Johnson can accurately plan out the placement locations for each post, ensuring proper stability for each artificial tooth when placed. 

On the day of your All-On-5 implant procedure, it is important to be prepared and follow specific steps to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Firstly, ensure you have all the necessary paperwork filled out and signed before your appointment. Consider bringing a friend or family member along for support – this can help make the experience less daunting. Secondly, you must follow all pre-operative instructions given by your dentist beforehand – this could include fasting before the appointment or avoiding certain medications. Lastly, try to relax before and during your procedure – if needed, use breathing exercises or listen to calming music to stay relaxed throughout the process. Following these tips should help ensure a successful All-On-5 implant procedure!

Once all necessary preparations have been made, it’s time for surgery day! On this day, Dr. Johnson will use surgical drills guided by computerized tomography (CT) scan images to create deep holes in which titanium posts will be inserted into the jawbone tissue at precise depths determined by his calculations during pre-operative planning sessions. After securely positioning each post, he will immediately attach temporary prosthetic teeth, allowing patients full functionality straight away. At the same time, they await their final customized crown replacements once fully healed from surgery six weeks later!  

The recovery time after undergoing an All On 5’s procedure is generally between 6 weeks – 3 months, depending on individual healing speed. Total healing times may take up to 12 months after implantation before full strength is achieved again! During this period, patients must follow strict instructions given by Dr. Johnson, like taking medication such as antibiotics /anti-inflammatories and avoiding any strenuous exercise/activity or vigorous chewing/eating habits until wholly healed! We also recommend regular checkups occur every three months once fully healed so any signs or symptoms related to infection /inflammation/disease can be identified in early stages and treated efficiently before further damage occurs!  

Overall, having All-On-5s performed by AO5 Dental under the care of qualified professionals like Dr. Benjamin Johnson ensures a safe and successful outcome while providing optimal patient satisfaction throughout the journey! From initial consultations through treatments & postoperative care, everyone works together collaboratively, creating a positive experience and allowing clients to regain confidence and smile brighter than ever!

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