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All-On-5 “Teeth in a Day”



Restorative dentistry is a fantastic and necessary practice that can completely transform your oral health – especially when it comes to single-tooth and full-arch implants. AO5 Dental would like to let you know a bit more about our excellent Texas treatment options. For example, the all-on-5 procedure is ideal for anyone who has been missing some teeth and would like a more comfortable, reliable restoration option. Our team can securely attach an entire arch of replacement teeth by implanting five dental implants into the upper or lower jaw! This procedure provides firm support with minimal disruption to the existing bone structure. You’ll be able to enjoy a natural-looking smile that allows you to eat properly and feel good about your appearance again.

During your appointment, we will be sure to go through all of the details about what our restorative procedures can do for you so that you feel confident in the outcome. Talk to us today about which treatment is right for you!

What are All-on-5 “Teeth in a Day”?

At AO5 Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care. We specialize in a procedure called All-on-5 “Teeth in a Day,” which is an innovative solution for those who are missing most of their teeth and have been considering dentures or implants. Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary procedure.

All-on-5 is an innovative procedure that can replace missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw with just five dental implants. We strategically place the implants, completely restoring the patient’s smile without sacrificing stability or comfort. All-on-5s can eliminate the need for unnecessary separate implant procedures. Teeth in a Day allows us to create beautiful, natural-looking results quickly!

What are the Benefits of All-on-Five?

There are numerous benefits associated with All-on-Five “teeth in a day,” including:

• Recovery times can be faster than traditional implant procedures

• Reduced costs due to fewer required appointments and materials

• Improved stability over dentures or bridges

• Improved oral health compared to dentures

• Natural-looking results

All these factors combine to make All-on-Five “teeth in a day” an ideal solution for those missing most teeth and looking for an alternative to dentures or bridges.

What is the Process?

All-on-5 “teeth in a day” is an outstanding dental technique that can revolutionize your smile in just one day! Step one is assessing your oral health and discussing the overall plan. Then, our dental team will create personalized implants tailored to your jawbone’s shape and unique mouth structure. Next, we will carefully perform any tooth extractions if necessary. Finally, the new teeth are placed with secure dental implants to give you a stunning complete set of new teeth! It may sound like a lot, but this procedure can drastically improve your life!

Our Fast AO5 Procedure in Central Texas

At AO5 Dental, we proudly offer our patients this revolutionary solution. It may be just what you need with its many advantages and natural-looking results! If you’re missing several teeth and have been considering dentures or implant surgery, consider talking to our team about whether All-on 5 “teeth in a day” is suitable for you.

With our comprehensive implant dentistry solutions, we can replace missing teeth while providing a solid anchor point. This makes it easier than ever to restore durable chewing power, enhance the overall aesthetic of your smile, and achieve next-level oral function. 

Contact us today to book a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Johnson. We can’t wait to show you how our exceptional restorative dental solutions can restore your confidence and give you back your smile!

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